Cantieri Creativi is an architecture, interior design and decoration studio specializing in natural materials and finishes, sustainable construction techniques and ethical and refined furnishings, in order to generate timeless atmospheres and experiences, which invite you to a lifestyle " slow ".

The traditions of the past are recovered and dusted off, consciously transformed into an elegant combination of wild and classic, between raw and sophisticated, between sustainable and innovative, between creative and experiential.

Nature, design, love for wabi-sabi and for atmospheres suspended in time have led the landscape architect Simone Teso, the designer Ludovica Vando and the curator of experiences Giulia Vando to carry out continuous research on ancient materials, faded techniques and forgotten construction processes, translating them into their contemporary work that smacks of dreamlike, poor art, elegance of simple things and invites you to live more slowly.


“Sometimes changing means going back and re-evaluating what was already working well, picking it up and treasuring it. To innovate is to invent our tomorrow with what exists today but above all with what we learned yesterday "

Discovery Call- 30min

The most beautiful projects succeed when you share the same passions and values, when you work as a team and when there is harmony. We want to give you the opportunity to get to know each other and empathize before starting a journey together. For this reason we are pleased to offer you a free fact-finding call to introduce ourselves, answer your questions and let you enter the world of Cantieri Creativi.



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