We offer various services designed to meet the needs of individuals and companies, studied with care and in detail to guide you through a creative path made of elegance, experience and refinement. We collaborate with knowledgeable artisans and brands, meticulously selected on the basis of their professionalism, high quality and ethics, so that they can transform ideas into that unique reality that is the basis of every Cantieri Creativi project.
Interior design

We design tailor-made living spaces through the research of pieces unique and aharmonious combination of finishes, materials, fabrics and colors. Conscious brands, handcrafted products and natural materials are the basis of all our projects and reflect the values ​​we believe in and that we love to transmit to our clients.i, involving them in the creative process dfrom the vision of the environments, to the definition of style and atmosphere, passing through the redistribution of space, up to research and selection furniture.


We decorate the walls following the forgotten traditions of the past with the experience gained over years of construction sites and integrating the precious secrets collected by master craftsmen and painters. We use only selected natural materials, reinterpreting that ancient and dreamlike charm of beauty in a contemporary key, capable of generating an intimate atmosphere, Che invites you to live slowly and with awareness . Color itineraries, watercolor sketches, ad hoc samples and finally the colors prepared on the spot. Poetry in the process.



We design and build houses in the only possible way: respecting nature, the environment in which we live and, therefore, the future of generations to come. Our constant research on sustainable construction techniques gives us the opportunity and the ability to offer green building solutions, healthy living standards and, of course, to obtain incredibly organic forms, capable of blending architecture into landscape., using local materials, at km0 or with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Bespoke furniture

We love to imagine and design furniture and furnishing accessories unique and collaborate with local artisans to support small businesses that work with genuine passion and excellent experience in order to provide high quality handcrafted products, according to your needs andd our design. Bespoke pieces that blend in space, which blend in with colors of the walls, capable of disappearing completely from sight or presenting themselves with timeless elegance and charm.

Styling and hospitality

Our background in the field of events, hotels, styling and design allows us today to offer a new service dedicated to the world of hospitality, aimed at bringing out the soul of the place, bringing out its identity. e the voice, involving the senses, memory, culture and taste through careful research and selection of objects, memories, flavors and smells that tell the story and that amplify your customers' experience in a poetic and unconscious way, inviting them to come back. From the design and care of the experience, the styling, up to branding.



We love to teach others what we gradually have learned in the course of our life e dand work, trying to convey the love for nature, for our land, the importance of manual work and dellto conservation of techniques that are gradually disappearing, replaced by a future that leaves no room for the past. All scheduled workshops will be published few months before they start. To stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter and to request a private workshop, send us an email.



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