We ensure a complete and transversal creative service.
Interior design

We design bespoke living spaces through the search for unique furnishings and a combination of selected materials, fabrics and colors. Conscious brands, handcrafted products and natural materials are the basis of all our projects and reflect the values ​​we believe in and that we love to convey to our customers through involvement, empathy and direct interaction.


We decorate the walls following the forgotten traditions of the past. We use only selected natural materials, reinterpreting that ancient and dreamlike charm of beauty in a contemporary key, capable of generating an intimate atmosphere that invites you to live slowly and consciously.



We design and build houses in the only possible way: respecting nature, the environment in which we live and, therefore, the future of generations to come. Our constant research on sustainable construction techniques gives us the opportunity and the ability to offer green building solutions, healthy living standards and, of course, to obtain incredibly organic forms, capable of blending architecture into landscape.


We love to imagine and design unique bespoke furniture and collaborate with local artisans to support small businesses who work with genuine passion to provide high quality handcrafted products, according to your needs and our design. Bespoke pieces that blend into space, that blend in with the colors of the wall, capable of disappearing completely from view or presenting themselves with timeless elegance and charm.


We have developed a unique way to virtually assist you in the first steps of your renovation adventure, taking a personalized journey through the creative process of redesigning your nest. From the vision of the environments, to the definition of style and atmosphere, passing through the redistribution of space, up to the research and selection of furniture.


We love to teach others what we have learned little by little, trying to transmit the love for nature, for our land, the importance of manual work and the conservation of techniques that are gradually disappearing to meet a future that does not leaves room for the past. All scheduled workshops will be published a few months before their start. Stay tuned!



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