We have developed a unique way to virtually assist you in the first steps of your renovation adventure, creating a personalized journey through the creative process of redesigning your nest.
Each consultation provides a 10% discount on all our wall decorations, made with natural materials, respecting traditions.
* the consultations are valid for houses up to 100sqm


Special advice in Interior Design

You can choose between:

We will make a redistribution of the floor plan of the apartment with intelligent division of spaces, simple 3D models and the insertion of the positioning and dimensions of the furniture, to functionally optimize the space according to your habits and needs.

Visualize your dream home

We will prepare colors, materials, furnishings and mood boards of the atmosphere, which will help you imagine the space you have always dreamed of, defining a style and providing the necessary guidelines to start renovating with a clear vision in mind.

Furnish with style

We have put together an incredible selection of unique furniture brands that consciously work to provide the highest quality products, among which we will help you choose to furnish your ideal home and for which we have a special discount.

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Complete interior design consultancy

All services in one:


We will guide you through a creative path that will start from the visualization of the space through moodboards of colors, materials, atmospheres and furnishings, through the redistribution of your floor plan and the ideal positioning of the furnishings, up to the selection of the individual pieces of furniture to buy, including the its materials and fabrics to combine harmoniously.



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