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Our dream was to create a series of workshops with the best artisans and artists we met on our path, in order to spread the common love for natural materials, fading crafts, and sustainable living and to share the knowledge around it with conscious, creative souls.

This is how Artisans of Now was born, an archive of tradition coming from different fields, ready to be put in practice during laboratories hold in the most beautiful locations around Italy, thoroughly curated and involving all senses for a sincere and memorable experience, in connection with Mother Earth.


second edition

"Rural clay and ancient firing in bonfires" 

In collaboration with: Unurgent Argilla

It seemed natural to us to open Artisans of Now with a workshop dedicated to one of the oldest materials in the world and, consequently, to the oldest way of cooking it.

To undust prehistoric traditions and make them timeless, we invited the artist and ceramist Nina Salsotto Cassina, founder of Unurgent Argilla, sorceress of soil and expert in wild clays.

With her we will learn how to read the territory, to collect the local earth, to process it in a natural way to obtain the clay and to model it by hand. We will use texturing and smoothing techniques and discover the world of natural pigments that we will use to decorate our pottery. Finally we will create a bonfire to cook our creations, which will be subsequently lacquered with primitive enamels.

This 5-day and 4-night course is dedicated to those who want to approach or deepen the world of natural clay, starting from the extraction of the raw material to its firing, in a sincere, independent and conscious way, in order to be able to replicate it everywhere, in a authentic and sustainable.

From September 29 to October 3 2022
in Palombara Sabina, Rome

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