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Our dream was to create a series of immersive workshops with the best artisans and artists we met on our path, in order to spread the common love for natural materials, fading crafts, and sustainable living and to share the knowledge around it with conscious, creative souls.
This is how Artisans of Now was born, an archive of tradition coming from different fields, ready to be put into practice during workshops held in the most beautiful locations around Italy, thoroughly curated and involving all senses for a sincere and memorable experience, in re -connection with Mother Earth.

Upcoming Workshops:

To undust ancient traditions and make them timeless, we invited the talented artist and researcher Caroline Ross, author of the inspiring book “Found and Ground”, expert in wild pigments and teacher of natural, ancient, and spontaneous art techniques, materials, and tools .

Guided by her wisdom, we will embark on an enlightening journey retracing our steps to the very origins of color. Together, we'll uncover the art of gathering local pigments and seek out the treasures of nature. Seemingly ordinary elements will undergo a wondrous transformation, emerging as eco-friendly paints, inks, pastels, and tools of artistic expression. Our exploration will span the spectrum from innovative to age-old methods, empowering everyone to create art that celebrates the Earth, regardless of their location or resources. Armed only with what nature offers, right beneath our feet, and fortified by a heartfelt connection to our surroundings, art will burst forth as a tribute to our profound and deep-rooted relationship with our planet.

This immersive 5-day course is dedicated to those who seek to explore or strengthen their bond with nature's palette through a unique experience characterized by authenticity, independence, and mindful artistry. Our ultimate purpose is to equip you with the ability to carry these teachings wherever your imagination desires, leaving a gentle imprint on our shared world and an advancement in sustainable art.


In collaboration with: Caroline Ross




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